Turn Your Tweets into Treats

We’ve talked before about how Tasti D-Lite customers love to share their Tasti experiences online.  As part of rolling out a new nationwide loyalty card program, we thought it would only make sense to take the typical customer rewards program to the next level.

So we recently launched TastiRewards which allows members to earn points for Tasti purchases and connect their TreatCard activity with their Twitter and Foursquare accounts which will automatically post updates (tweets or check-ins) and award extra points toward free products.  Shortly after enabling the new functionality, we saw this on Twitter:

Twitter and Foursquare tell us this hasn’t been done before, so congrats to our digital loyalty pioneer Drew King (@CherryBomb13) and wife Laura Bopp who are frequent visitors to the New Rochelle, NY Tasti D-Lite.

Tasti TreatCard holders can do a number of cool things at myTasti.com:

Get extra TastiRewards points just for signing up!
Check your points balance online.
After signing up, provide your birth date and you’ll get a free medium cup or cone on your birthday.
Earn extra rewards by connecting your account to Twitter and Foursquare. Learn more.

Want to Join?

Check out our growing list of participating TastiRewards locations. Ask for a Tasti TreatCard and sign up at myTasti.com to start earning rewards!

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